Stacy Porras, Catering Sales Manager DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles Downtown

Stacy Porras, Catering Sales Manager

DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles Downtown




Welcome to the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Los Angeles Downtown. Begin your stay at this inviting Los Angeles hotel with our delicious freshly baked warm chocolate chip walnut cookie and allow our attentive staff to cater to your every need. Conveniently located off the 110, 101 and 5 freeways, this contemporary hotel is ideally situated less than a mile from the heart of downtown’s major attractions. Visit the Los Angeles Convention Center, discover the L.A. Live Attractions (Staples Center, Nokia Theatre, and Grammy Museum) or walk to iconic cultural attractions, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art.


Brides are booking for 2013 on just about every appointment for this stunning location. The property certainly speaks for itself; a rooftop garden perfect for an opening cocktail hour, ceremony or even entire outdoor wedding. The renovation of the hotel has not been an obstacle for any perspective bride, in fact, it is in my opinion, that the aroma of the cookies as well as the first 5 minutes with Stacy Porras that is what absolutely captivates and keeps them.

Energetic, dynamic and filled with the most incredible light fueled by being able to bring happiness to others on the most important day of their life, is what makes Stacy Porras shine above the new DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles Downtown Hotel. In the planning stages of the next Association of Bridal Consultants of Greater Los Angeles Networking and Educational Mixer, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to have lunch with Stacy at the newly renovated hotel. I had no idea that I was going to be so brilliantly inspired by such a statuesque and beautiful soul. Stacy stands as a gorgeous 5’9 and is a dedicated wife and devoted Mother of 3 beautiful daughters. She honestly could be the poster image for Wedding Coordinators not just because of her smile and style, but because this woman exudes hospitality and service. It is my belief that is what keeps her looking so young and vibrant.

I took a little bit of time to get to know her and think the world of her. In a wonderful conversation, Stacy shared so much about her career path, her family and her growth.

Stacy, you are such a warm soul and have a smile that can be seen from 50 feet away. A smile that genuine must come from a place that motivates you.

Her father is a stock broker. She has always bounced everything off of him. He is extremely good with interviews and he helped her build her confidence. “Don’t be overly happy and don’t be overly sad. Stay somewhere in the middle.” He would tell her. He is a HUGE motivation for her. He came up with a frame with all of the business cards of the properties that she worked at. He clearly is such a proud father.  Her 3 daughters keep her moving and they are too a huge motivator.

Bottom line for her is her role in the social market and she gets to be a part of this, most important, special day in their life. It is a unique social engagement that people put their heart into. People come in the door, some are hesitant but then once she begins to talk to them and “LOVES to turn that around to make them feel VERY comfortable!” She likes to think outside the box and make their day happen.

Do you mind my asking, when did you discover this was the right fit for you?

Stacy started in the industry about 20 years ago (can you believe it). Born and raised in Pasadena, she saw the opening at the Hilton and decided “why not?” She was hired and started as an assistant at the Hilton Pasadena. Approximately one year later she took the Manager position at the Glendale Red Lion (Manager of the year, Number 1 in sales). Her favorite part of her job, she loved meeting people. She was the 1st person when people walked in. She LOVED being the hospitable person and it just felt like it was a great fit. She was then promoted to the Wedding market.  Her path took her to the Ritz Carlton Pasadena and by that point had done weddings for 10 years. She had become pregnant with her 3rd daughter, went on her own and had a staff of 14 girls working under her.  She knew that with her relationships with all of her vendors, it was a great step into owning her own company.  She has currently taken all of her experience and has an amazing confidence in selling the property (DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles Downtown)

“In this market brides need to connect with you. If they have that connection they are more than likely to buy from you.” she shares honestly. She loves to listen to the couple and hear about how they got engaged. She is able to reach the numbers and bring the business to this hotel.

“This is such a personal relationship business. Making each event unique! The DoubleTree can definitely do that.” The Thousand Crane room will be done by the end of November. Even with the room under construction she is able to book that room. She can only sell what she believes in; the hotel or her services to make their day. She loves the feeling that you are selling a great product.


“Many brides and grooms are overwhelmed and are very hesitant. They don’t know what questions to ask and they feel so new at this. We are dealing with professionals but it doesn’t matter what they are or where they come from. It matters that they are planning the most important day of their life and we are here to help them.”

Stacy, it is hard not to be impressed by your journey, but I sense something more in who you are and where you have come from, do you mind my asking?

Her 3 beautiful daughters keep her moving and they are too a huge motivation. Her life is so busy at work and outside of the home. Her solace is at home and she tries to carve that out to where she can relax with her family.

“The most rewarding job in the world is being a Mom,” she says with sincerity and love. Stacy is a motivator in that she never focuses on herself. Her life is about others it is so clear, her life is about being exactly what the other person needs.

She is so humble.. She likes being more behind the scenes making it all happen. She is always throwing parties for her daughters. “Seeing their joy warms her heart and that is what it is all about”, she beams.

Stacy is a Girl Scout leader and led three troops for 11 years. She is a natural motivator. These young girls were earning badges in the community, by donating backpacks, donating blankets to the trainers of seeing-eye dogs. Her oldest daughter followed in her Mom’s footsteps and led troops for a decade. She dedicates so much time and has so much fun with her daughters.  “It is an amazing feeling!” she shares.  Stacy also has an inseparable bond with her twin sister, who is also part of her day to day life. They have such a special relationship that you don’t find. “Being a twin is a best friend for life!” she beams.  They bounce things off of each other; like checking in on each other.

“The support is awesome!” she exclaims.  Her twin is her only sibling and it has always been so supportive…



Stacy Porras Catering Sales Manager

Direct (213) 253 9293 | Fax (213) 253 9269

DoubleTree By Hilton Los Angeles Downtown

120 South Los Angeles Street Los Angeles CA 90012


Interview by Julia Diane Whitley, ABC-GLA Steering Committee, Event Coordinator


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