Serendipitous Events by Julia and BG Krause Photography Beauty Boudoir Styled Shoot

There is power is selling a message “Beauty comes in all packages.” But what is happening is there is still a huge gap between what is sexy.  You have both extremes but no in-between. It makes me horrifically sad. Sexy to me is internal.. We all have an ability to feel good and celebrate who we are, but we just are not getting the message across to positively to affect our young ladies who are absolutely affected by our body image.   
Women have grown stronger in our abilities and our capabilities, but we as a whole, still compete for beauty. As if we exist in a beauty pageant that is social and societal. It is shameful that even after such a wonderful ad comes out to celebrate plus size women, the women who aren’t as curvaceous feel demeaned or belittled for being smaller, not necessarily skinny but smaller than the ad. They also slam the ad our of their own defensiveness for not being that person that ad shows. Basically the message isn’t coming across as it should. Here are some of the responses…
“Where’s the “skinny” girl. If this is about loving your body I would see a girl my size in there but in this case they’re specifically single out a certain size of women. This is true body shamming”
“hahahaha I LOOK SKINNY WITH NO EFFORT i eat all time but i don’t get fat , like i stay skinny my weight is : 106 pounds…”
“I think that I’ll stay with my 8 size, thank you. Obesity is not really healthy.”
Is this a dig against Victoria’s Secret? They act as if #ImNoAngel isn’t, but sadly I think people will see that it is. The ad needs be shown with EVERY SIZE in body, boob, butt, etc. Not just one. That is the problem with the Victoria Secret ad as well.
I want to show every size and every shape is this photo shoot and address the complete body image, not just the extremes. 
If you have a moment, please write a little bit, from your heart, about what you think is beautiful, do you think you are beautiful?….. 
Here is my most recent thoughts:
What is beautiful? After the most recent years of watching women of every race, size, color, shape grace the covers of magazines, I feel I can finally say safely that beautiful is everyone and everywhere.  I have only really been able to say that about myself within the past few years though, because I was never made to feel beautiful. I was the outcast for a very long time.. different in every single way. To tall, too skinny, too dark, too light…I never could really seem to fit in nor match what was considered beautiful. It took it’s toll on my self esteem and body image until I was the only one in our school approached at our High School Graduation from the owner of LA Models. That still didn’t speak to me, it merely told me for a second that I wasn’t the “ugly or unattractive” person I thought I was. Many years and many photographs later I realized that my being different was unique enough to take me out of one box and into another. Now I was chastised for being 5’8 3/4″ and a size 2. There was just no pleasing anyone, including my size 12 Mom who celebrated her beauty, body and looks everyday. I never quite picked up on her confidence and believe me, through my tears every single day, I wish I would have. My oldest niece is naturally beautiful. She has all of the appealing features and has since she was a newborn. She told me recently that her poor body image has to do with what her Mother, myself and one of our closest friends have said about ourselves. Our horrible body image has cause a negative reflection in her sense of beauty. My jaw hit the floor and is still dragging in shame. If for no other reason, I want to continue to project the need to make sure that all women feel beautiful and that it is attainable. Beauty is defined within us, not within society. I want to bridge the gap between the extremes and let every single women know she is sexy and beautiful. That is one of the many gifts I want to give to promote that beauty really does come in all packages. Celebrate beauty, period. Thank you to all of these gorgeous models and everyone involved in making this exactly what I envisioned.
Photography: BG Krause Photography, C. Costello Photography and G. Moussi Photography
MUA and Hair Stylists: Mayra Gomez, and Maria Carillo of EI Makeup School
Styled by: Julia D. Whitley of Serendipitous Events by Julia 

IMG_0553 IMG_0555 IMG_0561 IMG_0778 (467x700) IMG_0790 IMG_0537 IMG_0558 IMG_0618 IMG_0627 IMG_0635 IMG_0752 Lisa 2 IMG_0938 IMG_0940 IMG_0677 IMG_0678 IMG_0680 IMG_0467 IMG_0484 IMG_0509 IMG_0818 DSC_Alyssa27 DSC_Alyssa32 DSC_Alyssa40 DSC_Alyssa53 DSC_Lisa67 IMG_0700

Julia Photo Shoot 1

Julia Photo Shoot 1


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