What Defines You…..

I lie awake just about every day with a desire for everyone to just be grateful for another new day. I look at photos as I posted below and just do not understand how anyone could not feel even a little bit of joy. My post the other day reminded me that we all will or have had a dark hour or day. So many of you posted some of the kindest words and thoughts. Some of you have been through or are going through difficult and challenging times yet you still have so much love and gratitude to give to others. I am consistently blown away at the selflessness of those that are able to do that. I was watching a TED video, one of many inspirational talks by Timber Hawkeye, Author of Buddhist Boot Camp and absolutely loved these quotes:

“Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does…”

“Lets promote gratitude in the same way green has been going popular.
By changing the perspective by the way we view the world.
If we look at it through the lens of love and gratitude we will transform people, we will transform places and we will transform the way we do things.” Timber Hawkeye
I realized how much gratitude defines me and always has….
I found out at a very early age that I was/am adopted and although I was teased consistently through my youth about it, I never stopped feeling grateful for the opportunity to live the life that I did in place that I have called home. The richness of my life has always grown deeper due to my humility and consistent reminder that my soul is more powerful than my ego.
Each moment below represents a moment in time that I have witnessed. Each moment is treasured and captured in the magic of photography. The best part of each photo is the story that lies behind the lens. I am living in gratefulness and it is one of my most defining characteristics.

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