The Old, New Brand SEJ Productions

Welcome to Spring, the time of melting snow, occasional rain, sunny skies, and a gentle breeze. To say that we have exciting news may sound a bit narcissistic, since it may only be exciting for us. However, we would like to share some news that may just be as exciting for you as it is for us. Serendipitous Events by Julia and SEJ Productions has re-branded for 2016! Ah, but what does that really mean? Well, as we begin to write our story, imagine sitting in a warm studio, with a linen couch, white suede chair, lots of colorful throw blankets, neutral warm gray walls and the smell of clean linen. In the background is the slowly moving scent of fresh baked…is it cookies? But of course it is.. Fresh baked cookies are the “welcome to our home” scent that never seems to stop striking nostalgia. We ask you to make yourself comfortable, but the ambiance already has you slipping your shoes off and seated comfortably with a glass of something flavorful, relaxing. “How are you both?” we ask.. “We want to hear about you, how you met, what it was that led you to now, and, well anything you want to share.” After laughter, tears, a bit of shyness, a story to be told again to their children… we want to hear more. It is the more that inspires us, and the understanding of each person that motivates us to be even more compassionate individuals. It is the more that we celebrate as your marriage on your wedding day.

“Live a life worthy of an Elegant, Meaningful Legacy”… Cottage Hill Magazine

One of our favorite new publications that celebrates wholehearted living

Did you know that there are over 600 wedding and event planners in the Los Angeles area alone? So many to choose from; it makes us feel quite incredible each inquiry or phone call from a new client. We actually feel as if we have won an award each time someone hires SEJ for their special event. We feel that way because if you choose to hire us, you realize who we are and what we believe in. We love to help, be of greatest assistance, but not so that the ego overshadows the purpose of the wedding day. To many times we hear “my day”, “my wedding”, “this is the wedding I want.” As a couple we both want this to be an experience that brings the two of you closer and expresses the words “we” rather than simply ” I.”

Because I was not one that had been asked out in my youth or teens, and because I know just how precious that question is, I enjoy feeling the sweet gratitude when the story reads, that he asked her and she said yes. The question and the answer is not about a day, rather a lifetime, a bond, a friendship and the love shared between the two.

We are relaunching and re-branding into a special kind of event and wedding planning couple, one that focuses on the truest meaning of your event, you. We want to focus on more than just the details, we want the details to tell a story about you and this particular page or book of your life. The wedding industry however, has become more about the aesthetics and the glamour. We would like to be part of the change that brings it back to the once remarkable celebration it was, two individuals joined together in love and two families coming together in celebration of that love. We are unique, yes, because we believe in the days that follow and the moments that lead up to. We believe in the honest and pure nature of what you want to share with the world knowing that you will touch the lives of so many along your journey. We welcome ourselves to the event and wedding revolution.


Julia & Mike


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