Wedding Scams happen both ways…

This is not the kind of post I want to be writing about, but I feel it is important so that other Wedding Coordinators and Wedding vendors become aware of the strong increase in scams happening in the Wedding and Special Event Market. The end game is to try to get account information that would allow these leeches to hack into any personal information that would get them money. Sorry guys, you contacted the wrong company!

We hear so much about how Wedding coordinators are bogus and that they really do nothing. We certainly understand there are dishonest people out there that will take advantage of anyone, even on their wedding day, but we are not those kind of people. It seems recently that we are now on the reciprocating side of scams.

Ray Bass,, contacted us and wants to throw a 45th birthday party for his boss. After 2 email exchanges, he said he would pay the deposit for us and “how about paying 1/2 of my budget so you can get all vendors available?” His budget is $20,000 for a birthday party for 120 guests for 8 hours. Basically, he would pay the “rest payment” 1 week before. Yeah, no! I do not think so Ray. If you want to plan this party, you get to pay for everything. Money is not paid by a coordinator in advance awaiting to be paid back by the client.

Heng Buntha,, telephone number (508) 581 – 3685 and wants to have a wedding August 1, 2016 (possible, but at this late date hard to find an available venue). He lives out of the country and wants someone to plan his wedding for 40-50 people all flying in from Asia, Europe and Africa. He has a budget of $70,000. Anyone that has that kind of money to spend on a wedding isn’t going to just contact a coordinator without scheduling time to talk, a trip to visit venues and put down deposits.  He contacted this entire list of coordinators to see who would bite.

To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Heng Buntha

Sorry, Heng… Your ploy is very creative and I am certain someone will be curious, simply because we want to help. I know we were, however, I want to be sure that every single person knows that there are many of you that try this scam. It is sad because I currently have two wonderful clients that we had to triple check prior to agreeing to service. They too are out of the country, planning a wedding here in Southern California. We do not want to seem like skeptics or that we do not trust anyone, because that isn’t the case. But because of these scam artists, we are having to be so much more careful. Look out for these people please. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork in droves. They are everywhere watching our business and taking advantage of the overall kind nature of Wedding planners and coordinators.

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