Trying to keep up with being social

I love looking at all the gorgeous photos of some of my favorite photographers, late teens and 20 somethings on Instagram.. They all seem to just get it. Their photo or post gets a ton of likes without hashtags and it was just a random photo taken of often something that is just simply beautiful. I spend far too much time trying to figure out what to post and when I do, stressing out about whether the content is relevant. Relevant? Relevant to what or whom I just don’t know. I love to make beautiful things. I love to create. I love to be in touch with the Earth and living things. I love food, I love love and I enjoy meeting people I can call my tribe. I too often wish I was a professional photographer so I could just get away with posting pretty pictures. Social media can be as tiring as trying to be social. I would have never thought 10 years ago that I would be struggling with things to say like I used to in High School. Wondering if I was too deep or sounded too strange.

For me, I just want to let people know that maybe there is something happening in our life that resonates with them. I want others to not feel alone in their challenges and I want to help someone feel “ok” to be them. We love our life and are SO grateful for the people and all the incredible opportunities to do and be who we feel most comfortable being. I want people to feel as comfortable around me as the feeling of nostalgia or their favorite song that makes them sway.

This is my soul family whom I adore. I have more extended family who are relished with tons of adoration as well. This is who keeps me alive, joyful and inspired. They all have a way of reaching in and making me fly. I think my version of being social is to simply share their light with others. Maybe, that is it. Just it.


Change of Date for the Palos Verdes Art Center Wedding Faire – April 23, 2017

Please note the change of date for the Wedding Faire at the Palos Verdes Art Center.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wedding Faire

Winter 2017

Palos Verdes Art Center


April 23, 2017


We are so excited to debut this show for the 1st time in the Palos Verdes Peninsula area, celebrating Weddings, Nuptials Events, the eclectic arts and at what better venue than the colorful Palos Verdes Art Center; one of the best kept secrets in Southern CA.

Our shows include incredible food, cocktails, raffles, and a great selection of local vendors.

Welcome to a very eclectic, colorful and vastly different kind of wedding show. We created this show in honor of every single person that is involved in the creation, design and mood of a wedding, beginning with the Bride AND the Groom. Bridal shows imply only the bride and we want to be incredibly inclusive of our grooms and of the titles that need not apply. Our Wedding Faire is a party filled with vendor vignettes rather than tables. We will showcase the venue with the limitless possibilities that our vendors can create with you in mind. We want to break a few molds and create an incredible human experience for vendors and couples alike. SEJ Productions has always stood by wanting to help coordinate a day that leads into a lifetime, not just focusing on the day. The wedding faire will be exactly that, a day that shares the best of you, the best of us and all that collaborate with us.


Ladies Whiskey Bar

Brouwjeri Brewery Micro Brew Flights

Women’s New Tuxedo line from Friar Tux

Vendor Vignettes

Preferred Vendor access

Dancing Waiters

Silent raffle

No grab bags

No Fashion shows

Wedding Faire*Crafted at the Port of LA Event Venue and Browerji West*Sunday, March 19th*2-6pm

We are so excited to debut this show for the 1st time in the South Bay/San Pedro area, celebrating Weddings, Special Events, the rustic arts, crafts and at what better venue than the historic Craft…

Source: Wedding Faire*Crafted at the Port of LA Event Venue and Browerji West*Sunday, March 19th*2-6pm

Wedding Faire*Crafted at the Port of LA Event Venue and Browerji West*Sunday, March 19th*2-6pm

We are so excited to debut this show for the 1st time in the South Bay/San Pedro area, celebrating Weddings, Special Events, the rustic arts, crafts and at what better venue than the historic Crafted at the Port of LA; … Continue reading

Wedding Scams happen both ways…

This is not the kind of post I want to be writing about, but I feel it is important so that other Wedding Coordinators and Wedding vendors become aware of the strong increase in scams happening in the Wedding and Special Event Market. The end game is to try to get account information that would allow these leeches to hack into any personal information that would get them money. Sorry guys, you contacted the wrong company!

We hear so much about how Wedding coordinators are bogus and that they really do nothing. We certainly understand there are dishonest people out there that will take advantage of anyone, even on their wedding day, but we are not those kind of people. It seems recently that we are now on the reciprocating side of scams.

Ray Bass,, contacted us and wants to throw a 45th birthday party for his boss. After 2 email exchanges, he said he would pay the deposit for us and “how about paying 1/2 of my budget so you can get all vendors available?” His budget is $20,000 for a birthday party for 120 guests for 8 hours. Basically, he would pay the “rest payment” 1 week before. Yeah, no! I do not think so Ray. If you want to plan this party, you get to pay for everything. Money is not paid by a coordinator in advance awaiting to be paid back by the client.

Heng Buntha,, telephone number (508) 581 – 3685 and wants to have a wedding August 1, 2016 (possible, but at this late date hard to find an available venue). He lives out of the country and wants someone to plan his wedding for 40-50 people all flying in from Asia, Europe and Africa. He has a budget of $70,000. Anyone that has that kind of money to spend on a wedding isn’t going to just contact a coordinator without scheduling time to talk, a trip to visit venues and put down deposits.  He contacted this entire list of coordinators to see who would bite.

To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Heng Buntha

Sorry, Heng… Your ploy is very creative and I am certain someone will be curious, simply because we want to help. I know we were, however, I want to be sure that every single person knows that there are many of you that try this scam. It is sad because I currently have two wonderful clients that we had to triple check prior to agreeing to service. They too are out of the country, planning a wedding here in Southern California. We do not want to seem like skeptics or that we do not trust anyone, because that isn’t the case. But because of these scam artists, we are having to be so much more careful. Look out for these people please. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork in droves. They are everywhere watching our business and taking advantage of the overall kind nature of Wedding planners and coordinators.

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What Defines You…..

I lie awake just about every day with a desire for everyone to just be grateful for another new day. I look at photos as I posted below and just do not understand how anyone could not feel even a little bit of joy. My post the other day reminded me that we all will or have had a dark hour or day. So many of you posted some of the kindest words and thoughts. Some of you have been through or are going through difficult and challenging times yet you still have so much love and gratitude to give to others. I am consistently blown away at the selflessness of those that are able to do that. I was watching a TED video, one of many inspirational talks by Timber Hawkeye, Author of Buddhist Boot Camp and absolutely loved these quotes:

“Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does…”

“Lets promote gratitude in the same way green has been going popular.
By changing the perspective by the way we view the world.
If we look at it through the lens of love and gratitude we will transform people, we will transform places and we will transform the way we do things.” Timber Hawkeye
I realized how much gratitude defines me and always has….
I found out at a very early age that I was/am adopted and although I was teased consistently through my youth about it, I never stopped feeling grateful for the opportunity to live the life that I did in place that I have called home. The richness of my life has always grown deeper due to my humility and consistent reminder that my soul is more powerful than my ego.
Each moment below represents a moment in time that I have witnessed. Each moment is treasured and captured in the magic of photography. The best part of each photo is the story that lies behind the lens. I am living in gratefulness and it is one of my most defining characteristics.

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“A Deadly Adoption” Is Brilliant, and Don’t Believe Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise

I am so glad that they did this not just to attract a new audience but to draw attention to the true talent that lies inside these two comedic actors. Bravo to Lifetime AND to Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig for stepping outside of the box.

cinematically insane

willFor 30 years, Lifetime has been making predictable movies about women in peril, marriages on the skids, and adorable children in danger. These competently produced but uninspired films usually feature familiar faces from TV and provide disposable diversion for the channel’s core female audience.

Saturday night, Lifetime paid homage to that history while simultaneously mocking it with a delightfully bizarre inside joke.

A DEADLY ADOPTION follows the Lifetime blueprint, but with a surprising twist: Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig, two icons of contemporary comedy, play the lead characters. Ferrell is Robert Benson, a recovering alcoholic and author of self help books. Wiig is his wife Sarah, a stay-at-home mom who operates a baked goods stand at a local farmer’s market, selling sugar free treats concocted for their diabetic daughter Sully (Alyvia Alyn Lind). 

All is ostensibly well until the Bensons decide to take in pregnant, unmarried Bridget (Jessica Lowndes). Sarah, as we learn in the film’s prologue, is…

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